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When we opened The Winery in central Queenstown in May 2005 we were one of the world's first and largest wine tasting experiences. With a focus on bringing the best of New Zealand wine to one location, The Winery's reputation grew and in 2019 we were recognised by TripAdvisor in the World's Top 10 wine experiences People's Choice Awards.

In February 2020 The Winery opened a second store in Arrowtown, taking the experience to the next level with more whisky and gin tastings, our famous cheeseboards with a new tapas menu and a decor designed for the relaxation and comfort of our customers. Do come and visit us and check out our website at The Winery

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Twelfth Hour Dry Gin (700mls)

After 22 iterations uniting global botanicals with the powerful makrut (kaffir lime) this delightful small batch distilled gin has flavours that are lime-focused, giving it a refreshing zing.

Twelfth Hour Dry Gin has a clean, crisp aroma on the nose. An initial hit of makrut on the tongue leads into a long dry finish that sees the revitalising taste linger on the palate.

Unlike most other gin distillers, Twelfth Hour don’t filter out the botanical oils before bottling, believing that in doing so, you actually strip away lots of flavour. So, as you add your tonic you will see a cloudiness in your gin, as the oils react with water - that’s fine by us, you should never have to sacrifice flavour for aesthetics, after all.

We recommend keeping your tonic plain with either East Imperial Tonic Water or Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water or for those who don’t enjoy tonic, with Fever-Tree Soda Water.

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700 mls